A brief history of Radio Stitch

North Tees General Radio 1975

Radio Stitch started life as a feasibility study by students of Stockton and Billingham Sixth Form College in 1975, resulting in North Tees General Radio broadcasting by February 1976, before re-branding as Radio North Tees in 1991. Turntables and vinyl records (78’s and 45’s) were very much the order of the day and they needed skilful presenters to operate the equipment.

Radio North Tees 1991

Many presenters have come and gone over the years, and the apparatus back then was a lot different to that used today. Radio presenting became a lot easier with the advent of the compact disc and the improvements in computer facilities. However, it was important to maintain presenter numbers who needed to be aware of the constant change in musical trends.

Radio Stitch 2013

Our studios have undergone numerous refits over the years and we recently completed the first phase of a major refurbishment programme of our complex at the North Tees Site. We continue to broadcast 24 hours a day to the University Hospital of North Tees and the University Hospital of Hartlepool on Audio Channel One of the Hospital Bedside Entertainment System as well as throughout various parts of both hospitals. We added the strap line “Connecting Teesside to the Seaside”.

Radio Stitch 2018

In early 2018 we converted a store room into a dedicated Recording and Editing Suite. We are very grateful to the “Thirteen Group” who provided a generous grant to assist us in the refurbishment of Studio C. Here, formal and informal development for all radio station members can take place without interruption. It also enhances our ability to train new volunteers in all aspects of radio presenting, production, interviewing techniques, recording and editing.


We will continue to modify and improve our service to Radio Stitch listeners as we attempt to stay ahead of the rapid advances being made in modern technology. We constantly look for new male and female radio presenter to keep our programming fresh and up-to-date. We are also on the lookout for Management Team members to replace impending retirements. Should you wish to join our growing team of volunteers you can contact us on telephone number 01642 624337 or by email at nth-tr.radiostitch@nhs.net. Just leave your contact details and we will do the rest.